Crozon peninsula

The central point of Finistère and located at the same time in the Armorique Regional Park and the Iroise Marine Park, the Crozon peninsula is a wild and preserved natural setting.

→ 1h05 from the campsite


With a rich historical past, the Crozon peninsula will take you back in time. During your visit, go to the megalithic alignments of Lagatjar in Camaret. Then, discover the fortication road of Vauban, built in the 17th century by Louis XIV's architect, to defend the Brest harbour. Finally, visit the Landévezec Abbey, a religious testimony built in the Middle Ages.

Hiking : The Pen Hir point

Located in Camaret-sur-Mer, the pointe de Pen Hir is situated at the extreme west of the Crozon peninsula. In good weather the panoramic view allows you to see the coast of Brest to the north and the Pointe du Raz to the south.

The Menez Hom

On the road leading to the Crozon peninsula, the Menez Hom, an ancient mountain in Brittany, will allow you to enjoy an exceptional 360 degree view ! At an altitude of 330 metres, it is not unusual to see a ballet of paragliders soaring through the air. Mountain bike enthusiasts will also be delighted. A land of legend, it is considered magical by the Celts and is said to be the site of the tomb of King Marc'h, a figure from Celtic mythology and the Arthurian legend. Finally, located in the heart of the Armorica regional park, Menez Hom is a hiker's paradise!